• in your spring

    My online trading card game post full of digital cards.
    Currently the place I update the most.

  • the worlds we love

    A fan collective, shrine directory, and gallery collection all in one.
    This is the other main part of the site.

  • endless journey

    A Kino no Tabi oracle site in the making.
    It currently holds basic info, galleries, music downloads, and mirrors of Kino no Tabi related content.

  • fanfics of my own

    A collective of fanfiction i've written or have liked and hosted on my own servers.
    Most of it is exported from archiveofourown

  • web portfolio

    A digital art portfolio in the making, hosting some of my art...
    It's not as comprehensive as I'd like, though.

  • solstice party

    The moon has risen over a cloudless sky,
    and for her, lights dance in the endless sea.
    For when she finds home, time will surely abide
    and all will reveal to thee.


Muffy | she/her | lvl 24 webmage