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Welcome To my tiny webpost. I'm Muffy, an old, tiny hamster living in a remote forest cottage of Route 94 (not really). This site updates infrequently, so beware.

Another New Layout!

Posted on 16 Jun 2018 by Muffy, who was feeling sleepy.

Welcome to the new + improved layout! I actually used bootstrap for once so its ultra responsive.

I was inspired by someones TCG post to make this (Including the cute little bubbles in the header... I love it )

The header photo was actually taken by me back in April during an event at Balboa park.. There were so many flowers...

Anyway! I just need to code more into the opening page so you know where youre going when you click on an image.

ladies and ladies, get ready for another layout change

Posted on 14 Jun 2018 by Muffy, who was feeling .

Once i get back from laughing my ass off at Deadpool 2, I'm gonna change the layout of the site again to something really nice >:3

In other news, nothings new!

Posted on 13 Jun 2018 by Muffy, who was feeling sleepy.

Nothing new for the past two weeks, work has been kicking my ass!

I posted the code for my coupon charts in my otcg here:
CUPID's Arrow Through your Heart!!

And I figured out how to use markdown files for pages, and wrap my theme around it
You can check that out here if you'd like.

Otherwise, I'm gonna start playing sakura again and sleep as much as possible. Have a good night!

2 months

Posted on 01 Jun 2018 by Muffy, who was feeling Drained.

Hey, its been far too long. Hopefully now I'll have enough time to play oTCGs and such.
Here's some things I've done in the past 2 months:

  • I graduated, though my folks aren't proud of me!
  • Gave this site a better layout. It's been in the works but I never really polished it off.
  • Published some of my rpg maker games on itch.io
  • Made my right hand cramp so bad I couldn't move it for 5 days
  • Working on making a gallery here for my artwork, games, ect even though I have one over at weebly, you gotta pay to attach it to a domain and I'm a little too broke on that
  • Went to Bushiroad Spring Fest for Cardfight! Vanguard ya'll!IT WAS FUN
  • Suffered at work and on Mabinogi
  • Put a bunch of ffxiv screenshots over on my art portfolio

Let's go for better days.

Slow goingg

Posted on 07 Mar 2018 by Muffy, who was feeling tired.

happy mogeko march nyall

i havent been able to do much lately, everythings been pretty exausting and it only seems to be getting worse, i apologize. i havent even gotten to my otcg post in a week or so.

in somewhat good news: i finally purchased a domain with my art alias, freakmo.ch, bad news is the layout i was making for it got lost... so thats painful. i also can't seem to find a good CMS for it that isn't wordpress.

ah well

have a good week