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Welcome to my tiny webpost! I'm Muffy, an old, tiny hamster living in a remote forest cottage of Route 94 (not really)
The footer of this layout shows random quotes from Kino's Journey. If you have not checked out the series before, I totally recommend it!

Slow goingg

happy mogeko march nyall

i havent been able to do much lately, everythings been pretty exausting and it only seems to be getting worse, i apologize. i havent even gotten to my otcg post in a week or so.

in somewhat good news: i finally purchased a domain with my art alias,, bad news is the layout i was making for it got lost... so thats painful. i also can't seem to find a good CMS for it that isn't wordpress.

ah well

have a good week

Posted on 07 Mar 2018 | (Permalink)

by Muffy, feeling tired

Updates!! YEAH!!

1. A NEW LAYOUT! I'm really proud of myself on this one... though I couded it out of sheer inspiration last year, its been updated & optimized with Webpack! And if your browser isnt friendly with that, I've also included some fall back options If you'd like to use this site's layout, you can view its repository on github(seabirdshanty/MoonlitMelody) Please remember that my layouts are NOT allowed for commercial use!

2. Speaking of layouts, the oTCG post got a makeover as well! It's now known as "Apocolypsea Dreams" featuring Alpha from Yokohama Shopping Log.

3. Lunar Detective is ALMOST APPROVED! I sent in the finished application... We just gotta wait now!

4. My oTCG post has now been simplified down to only Sakura TCG. TinyLegend, though a mini tcg and well enough to stand on its own without update, is actually too much for me to update now that i have Sakura and school... You can still access its page (and many other old tcg posts) through the sitemap.

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by Muffy, feeling inspired


holy moly its 5am i havent sleptd a wink ahahah im gonna be a zombie at work tomarrow

but HELLO!! This weeks update is a little more to chew on, so bear with me:

Main Site:
  • Added more fanfictions, and favorite fanfictions of mine
Fan collective:
  • Finished coding Lunar Detective and send in an application to animefanlistings!!! God im excited
  • Still dreamin about Melody Drive
  • Tore out the FL section to my Seiya shrine. Someone already has a FL for her so she'll just sit in the bssm collective as a gallery for now. (edit: to still access the media secion while its under construction please click here)
  • Tore down Candy Demons for the time being so I may ressurect it to be the shrine I want it to be for Kurenai Ouji;;;;;;
TCG collective:
  • Updated sakura and tinylegend, got a birthday badgeee boiiIII
  • Still dust. I dunno why i keeping it hanging like this
thats all i got now time to get 2 hours of sleep haha pls kill me

Posted on 26 Jan 2018 | (Permalink)

by Muffy, feeling dead